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You Can
Doula This!

You Can Doula This!

The Online Course that teaches you Everything You Need To Know to be an Awesome Support To Your Daughter, Sister, or Friend

Have you been asked to attend a birth?

It’s a beautiful thing that you’re going to be able to do, to support family and friends in their labor journey, and possibly beyond. I have put together a course to help guide people who may not be officially trained as a birthworker, and would like to be, or have been asked to be present at a birth.

My goal is for you

to feel more confident in your role, by giving you the knowledge and confidence to help you feel ready to help your relative or friend. This is also a great introduction to getting a glimpse into birthwork. You never know, a new passion may just be ignited!

The course is made up of three modules


Some topics covered

Mind, and Soul

Some topics covered


Some topics covered

you’ll gain an
understanding of birth

In these three modules, you’ll gain an understanding of birth, the physiological and emotional aspects, how you can support the couple, learn and apply new skills, and also review some you instinctively know… And how to be practical, realistic, and process the journey. You will also have access to helpful handouts which help guide you throughout.

You will gain an understanding of how to navigate conversations with the staff and the spouse, and how to show up to the birth as someone who helps support the family in the way they want to be supported. You will learn some practical hands-on techniques, and be able to be a better support both emotionally and physically, and have an overall understanding of the mind/body connection during birth. When you purchase this course, you are invited to a monthly Q&A session and discussion. Please come with any questions that you have about applying the skills or if you find yourself needing more clarity.

The fee for this course $249

The fee for this course


Additional private sessions for prepping and reflection and processing are available upon request.

If you have been asked to attend a birth, whether as a family member or a friend,

know that you play an integral role!
What an honor!

*Disclaimer: Taking this course does NOT certify you as a birth doula. This course is intended to educate about the birth process, comfort measures, and the ability to support a relative or friend. You are not medically trained with this course. Men and women alike may benefit from this course.

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